Our History


On this date, Sirina Fire Protection is founded and starts it's legacy in a warehouse located in Hicksville, NY

NYC Office Opened

After just two successful years, we grew to a point we needed a city office to keep up with our demand.

American Airlines Terminal

This year, we completed the largest sprinkler job in the country to date.

Port Authority Vendor

This year, we became approved as a vendor of the Port Authority of New York.

3D Software

Our engineering division integrates BIM virtual design using 3D software on all of our latest projects.

Fabrication Shop Opened

Sirina Fire Protection opens it’s all fabrication shop. By cutting out 3rd party fabricators, we are able to reduce job costs and increase our efficiency. Having material fabricated in house puts us more in control of our jobs and prevents delays, ensuring jobs get done in a timely manner.

Expand to Westchester

Our success allows our area of service to expand into Westchester County.