Inspections (Including NFPA 25), Testing, and Maintenance

Inspections (Including NFPA 25), Testing, and Maintenance

  • Fire and sprinkler alarm inspections
  • Sprinkler and standpipe testing
  • Fire suppression and life safety system testing
  • Repair and replacement of existing components
  • Fire Department violations corrected
  • Fire hoses, nozzles and racks

Sirina provides a comprehensive service program which consists of inspections, testing and maintenance of fire and life safety protection systems in accordance with local AHJ rules and regulations.

Our standard inspection is a visual examination of various system components. The purpose of this inspection is to verify that the system is in good working order and free of physical damage.

Sprinkler: Performance of various types of tests including but not limited to water flow, fire pump, and dry pipe trip testing.

Fire Alarm:: Smoke detector cleaning and maintenance, functionality testing and calibration.

Specialty Hazard:: Door fan room integrity testing and functionality concentration assessment reporting.

Sirina offers three types of maintenance: Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance and Emergency Maintenance.