Fire Department New York Violations

Sirina Fire Protection is one of the best contractors when it comes to inspections, testing and maintenance. We are versatile enough to work on sites as small as a local deli or nail salon and large and well organized enough to handle multiple high-rise buildings all part of one account. Between our qualifications, history, MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) status and insurability there are no jobs too big or too small for us.

Now more than ever New York City, Long Island and Westchester have been putting a priority on fire safety by enforcing laws, rules and regulations for building owners to protect their people and property. Major authorities such as FDNY, NCFM, FM, UL and many others use the standards set forth by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) to ensure that the best practices are used in regards to fire safety.

NFPA 25 is the standard for inspecting, testing and maintaining water-based fire protection systems. It includes policies and procedures to be taken by building owners, their authorized representatives and master fire suppression and piping contractors such as Sirina Fire Protection. It covers standpipe systems with their hose valves and connections, fire pumps, water tanks, sprinkler valves, sprinkler heads, sprinkler piping, heat detecting devices, alarms, gauges, signage, fire department connections, hangars and safety procedures.

The NFPA and authorities requiring their standards be used break down these procedures into three categories: inspections, testing and maintenance. Inspections consist of routine visits visually confirming that all components of a system are operating as intended. Testing involves simulating the use of these components and maintenance are repairs that prevent the system from failing in the event of an actual emergency. Although many of the simpler inspections can be performed by a competent party (such as a certificate of fitness holder), most require a master fire suppression contractor such as Sirina Fire Protection.

NFPA 25 inspections are required by law and can have catastrophic consequences if they are not conducted. Not only is it critical to perform these inspections, but to have them done by the most qualified company possible. Sirina Fire Protection has the qualifications, experience, manpower and professionalism required to provide the highest quality of service in our industry. It’s crucial to pick the right company from the job to protect your building, avoid violations and minimize the potential for corrective work being done in your building. Give Sirina Fire Protection a call today to help with your NFPA 25 inspections, testing and maintenance, and to learn more about the fire violation corrections New York, NY residents need to understand.

The FDNY’s S-12 study guide outlines the laws and responsibilities of building owners and their authorized representatives. Currently code enforcement is based on the 2014 New York City Fire Code and NFPA 25 (2011 edition). More information about this can be found in the links below:

  • FDNY S-12 Study Guide
  • NFPA 25 (2011 edition)

  • Nassau County’s Fire Prevention Ordinance establishes uniform regulation for the control of fire hazards and for the enforcement of such regulations in accordance with the recommendations of the Nassau County Fire Commission. Towards the back it cites that most inspection, testing and maintenance related procedures are based on NFPA 25 (2014 edition). More information about these references can be found here:

  • Nassau County’s Fire Prevention Ordinance
  • NFPA 25 (2014 edition)

  • Suffolk and Westchester County follow codes implemented by local AHJ’s (authorities having jurisdiction) such as Fire Departments. Most of these are based on various editions of NFPA 25 which for the most part doesn’t change from year to year. If you are interested in learning how to be code compliant you can give your local authority, or us a call to learn how.

    Sirina Fire Protection can help keep your building safe and reduce the potential for the fire violation correction New York, NY building owners are often mandated to perform. Whether you’re in New York City, Long Island or Westchester; Sirina Fire Protection has you covered. Even if you are trying to satisfy the needs of your insurance company or a different authority having jurisdiction we can make sure you are properly protected.